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Benefits of membership


Training Group members are passionate about their Groups, and it is easy to see why.

Cost effective training – By leveraging the economies of scale a TG has with multiple employers accessing the same training, the Group Training Officer (GTO) can negotiate discounted training directly with Training Providers.  Some Groups achieve a saving of up to 40% against the market rate for some training courses, and pass this saving directly on to their members.

Ease of identifying training –  we forge links with quality Training Providers, usually ATOs, so can easily help an employer identify the most suitable training and provider for their needs.

Time and resource saving for employers – we help employers with the work of booking training. TG members can make one call to the group  who will identify a suitable high quality Training Provider and in many cases book the training on their behalf. This support is particularly valuable for small and micro employers who don’t have their own HR department.

Advice, guidance, and support – we  have a wealth of knowledge and experience in construction training, and from them TG members can easily get the advice, guidance or information they need rather than research themselves. We work closely with CITB Engagement Advisors to provide a joined up service to employers.

Future planning – We work with our members to support with future planning of training. This also helps employers who apply for funding, such as CITB’s Skills and Training fund, by scoping out future requirements. Advice on value added training as well as mandatory training can be provided.

Networking – We organise meetings and events where employers are able to come together and share best practice or other ideas.

TGs help give small and micro employers a voice to CITB and wider industry – We are able to be the collective ‘voice’ for our members, and are able to help all employers feedback on industry matters.

To become a member, companies pay an annual fee of £100

If you are interested in becoming a member of Skills4Site please download this application form and post it to

9 Horseshoe Close
SG18 8RY

Or email