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Training Groups receive funding from CITB to support levy registered employers identify and access high quality cost effective training. They provide advice and guidance on mandatory and skill specific training, offer support to plan training needs, funding applications  and help employers access high quality and cost effective Approved Training Organisations.

Training Groups work hand in hand with the CITB Engagement team, to ensure that as many registered employers as possible access support for their training needs.

The Training Group grant does not fund non training activity, such as careers or standard development.

Local Training Groups are networks of construction employers who ‘club together’ and use their collective buying power to get discounted training for their workers. A group can be made up of employers in a variety of trades, or in the case of speciality training groups, members are from the same specialist construction sector or trade.

Each group is headed by an elected Chairperson to lead the group in planning activities. Skills4Site has a Group Training Manager and  Group Training Officer who support the group members by providing advice and guidance on training needs, co-ordinating the training schedule and organising and booking training which supports small and micro sized businesses.

Our courses are open to all construction companies. However Skills4Site members receive reduced rates and we can also source specific courses to meet individual member’s needs.

We charge an annual membership fee of £100 + VAT . This helps support the Training Group with providing networking opportunities and other activities.

Group members who are  Levy-registered can also benefit from other CITB training grants for courses or qualifications .